Festival of Cultures

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Spotlight on México 🇲🇽 

Come visit us at the Festival of Cultures to explore our colorful Folk Art and learn about Day of the Dead. 

Enjoy a taste of Mexico by trying some of our most popular foods both savory & sweet!

Spotlight on IRAN 🇮🇷

Come visit us in Festival of Cultures and learn more about Irananian traditional instruments: Santoor and Daf. 

Try Persian tea on Samavar and pastries. 

See our handmade wooden backgammon and more.

Spotlight on Japan 🇯🇵

Come visit us at the Festival of Cultures! Stop by the Japan booth to check out the food and games.

Japan is about old and new!

Japan is about tasty and fun!

Spotlight on Indonesia 🇮🇩

We are excited to share with you at the Festival of Cultures! 

Test out your bahasa with our dictionary, play some beloved Indonesian wayng games and try out our staple food, tempeh.