The number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child.

PTA contributes to enrichement in the classroom.

PTA contributes to active families and community engagement.


PTA is a partnership between parents, teachers, administration, and staff. We all work together as a team to enrich our children's education and school experiences, and to unite our community.

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By getting involved, you'll be part of the solution, helping make positive changes. PTA plays an important role by supporting building improvements through advocacy & play an important role in fundraising for curriculum based programs and social events.

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10 Myths About Joining the PTA

Are you considering joining the PTA but just aren't sure yet? Well, let us help you learn the facts about why you should consider joining the PTA.

Myth #1. Only moms and teachers join the PTA.

Fact: A strong PTA needs the support of parents, grandparents, family members, teachers, school staff, and the community. Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTA!

Membership Drive:

Kindergarten Ready

We were excited to meet so many new families at the Kindergarten Ready event in August. Thankful to those who were able to attend the Principal/PTA presentations!

Our goal is to help everyone have a better understanding of what the PTA is and what we do.

Membership Drive:

Back to School Event

Our first membership drive was a success! We were able to add 42 families to the PTA which brings us to over 100 members! And the school year hasn't even started!

Thank you to all who volunteered at the Back to School event August 29th! It’s wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our events possible.

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