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Kind World Project

This year we’re partnering with Camp Kindness Counts to bring new initiative – Kind World Project.

Please learn more about Camp Kindness Counts and Kind World Project below.

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Kind World Project

Empower kids to embrace their authentic selves through mindfulness, enable them to make a positive impact in their communities through kindness, and inspire them to shape an empathetic world culture as confident and compassionate leaders

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Sneak Peak of Kind World Explorer Guidebook HERE!

What is Camp Kindness?

Camp Kindness Counts is a grassroots nonprofit focusing on community service, character development and mindfulness for kids and families alike.  We believe a child’s voice, actions and thoughts are important.  By taking the time to create a solid foundation of kind, strong character when children are young and creating strong partnerships with parents, together we are setting children up for success in becoming our future generation of strong, compassionate, kind leaders and community members!

What is Kind World Project?

The Kind World Project (KWP) is an initiative supported by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center which is focused on supporting parents in fostering character development in their children and ultimately helping to build compassionate communities.  

There are 2 parts the Kind World Project:  #1  Attend a Character Strength workshop and learn about the KWP   

#2 Start a Kind World Club by using the free resources we will provide: Kind World Explorer Guidebook (activity book for parents to foster character development in their kids), Kind World Passport (reflection tool for kids), free online resources, free online support.

Is it after school club?

This is not an after school club but it can be!  If enough parents are interested and your school administration/PTA has the resources and bandwidth, parents are welcome to make it an after school activity at the school which is led by parents.

Who runs the Kind World Clubs? Is it free?

This is a free program for families participating during our pilot phase (March-August) and there is space only for a limited number of Kind World Club pilots during this time frame. Donations are always needed and accepted.  This is a parent-led program, similar to other scouting models (girl and boy scouts) except our activities are focused only on Character Development.  Parents would run the Kind World Clubs at a time and location convenient to them.  Your Kind World Club could be just your family or it could consist of a group of families.  You can meet in your homes, at parks, churches, at school if there is available space– any place convenient to you or your group!

How often we meet?

You will meet however often you like with your group, though we recommend meeting as often as possible, once a week or once every other week!  If you don’t plan to meet often, then we recommend doing a few activities each time you do all meet together.   If you are forming a Kind World Club as a group, you have the option to plan to meet some days as a group and the days you do not meet as a group you can complete the activity as a family!  There is lots of flexibility.  We are asking all families who participate in the pilot program to complete the activities by August the best they can!  Each activity takes about 10 min-40 minutes depending on the size of the group and how much time you want to take in your conversation!  

Can you describe how the "class" looks like?

This is not a class. Kind World Clubs are parent led and can be held anywhere convenient to your family or your group of families.

How many families could be involved? And what to expect?
Kind World Clubs can consist of 1-10 families!  
The number of families participating in the pilot phase of the Kind World Project is limited and will be accepted based on commitment level and date parents have reached out to us.  
Whether you are a single family or a group of families, you will receive:
  • 1 hardcopy Kind World Explorer Guidebook which has very simple activities to support you in fostering kind, strong character in your child/children.  
  • Each child will receive a Kind World Explorer Passport where they can reflect on what they have done and learned!   
  • Children will learn about each character strength in 3 phases:  My World (self focused practice), Your World (social focused practice), and Our World (global/community focused practice), doing 3 activities through these phases per character strength.  
  • When a child completes all 3 activities per each character strength the parent can acknowledge their efforts in character development with an “Achieved” sticker which Camp Kindness Counts will provide for free.   Camp Kindness Counts will be there to support and gather feedback from you all along the way online or via phone!
Will there be support and is anything required of parents?

Yes, for those participating in this pilot phase from March – August, Camp Kindness Counts will provide support online or over the phone when needed! 

The number of families participating in the pilot phase is limited

All the resources are free to you, what we ask of you in return is your feedback.  To understand if the activities are helpful in starting the conversations of character development is important to us.  We will ask you to complete a short survey on each activity you complete as well as a survey when you begin your Kind World Club!  Based on your feedback we will make revisions to our Kind World Explorer Guidebook for a final version and share with more families all around the world, all thanks to you!


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