2019-20 PTA BOARD

Co-President: SANAZ


Sanaz is mom to Kasra (grade 5), Andia (grade 8) and Amitis (grade 10).

Co-President: MARY


Mary is mom to Dylan (grade 1) and Wyatt (grade 5).

Secretary: MICHELLE | Role


Michelle is mom to Jake (grade 3) and Elsa (grade 7).

Treasurer: EMILY


Emily is mom to Alex (grade 2).

VP Communications: TAWNY


Tawny is mom to Jackson (grade 1).

Co-VP Membership: KARLA


Karla is mom to Mikel (grade 1) and Iker (grade 2).

Co-VP Membership: BILJANA


Biljana is mom to Mia (grade 1) and Luka (grade 6).

2019-2020 Co-President's Letter

Dear Wilburton Parents,

Your new 2019-2020 PTA Board members have been working hard to create a united community where we can provide information and resources for all the families at Wilburton.

What is the PTA?

PTA stands for ​P​arent ​T​eacher A​ssociation and is a nonprofit organization comprised of an all-volunteer group with intentions​ to foster parental participation in a school setting​. Wilburton PTA supports our local students by promoting an environment that encourages a sense of community, personal and academic growth, safety, positive values, and open communication.

What do we do?

Wilburton PTA organizes parent volunteers for efforts including but not limited to fundraising in pursuit of minimizing funding gaps to offer enrichment programs while building our community. During the current school year, examples of what the PTA does would be to mention how we build community with our Culture of Festival event, plans to assist with Book Fairs, organize for math and STEM based programs, and encourage our community to dine-in as a fundraiser event at local participating restaurants for a percentage of sales donated.

Why should I join?

  • Provide critical funds to support teachers and students at Wilburton Elementary. 97% of PTA funds raised go directly to help teachers and students.
  • Send a message to funders & corporate donors that Wilburton has an involved parent base. This is a key factor they consider when deciding which schools to support.
  • Connect with other parents & families. Your involvement in the PTA will provide you with valuable connections to help your child succeed in school.
  • Additional benefits of joining. Discounts at Great Wolf Lodge, Wild Waves, Avis & Budget Car Rentals, and much more!

Let’s partner up to be the collective voice for all our children at Wilburton.


Sanaz Nowtash & Mary Wendel Wilburton PTA Co-Presidents

2019-2020 PTA CHAIRS

**Click Chair Program Event Name to send email

Program Chairs

Yearbook Chair: Dawn | Role

Social Media Admin: Tawny

Website Admin: Tawny, Sanaz, Mary

Advocacy Chair: Amy

AtoZ School Directory Admin: Poonam

Room Parent Coordinator: Kanupriya | Role

Awards Submissions Committee: Michelle, Mary, Dawn, Ozge, Anjali

Volunteer Coordinator: Mary

GSuites Admin: Jerome

Nomination Committee: Sonya, Ipsica, Karla

Standing Rules Review Committee: Julisa, Dawn, Mary

Library Coordinator Chair: Marina

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Lauren

Share your Culture Committee: Ayoung, Jinmi, Jiny

PTA Bulletin Board Chair: Mary E.

Tellers Committee: Karla, Biljana and Emily

*What is a Chair? This person works with a committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year. Potentially collaborates with principal, PTA president, and other committee chairmen to coordinate, plan and implement programs and events.

Chair Positions Available: Family Fun Coordinator, Traffic Control Committee, Spiritwear Committee, Special Needs Committee Email

I volunteer because I want to be involved with what our school is doing, have some say in the outcome but most importantly spend time with my daughter and the Wilburton community. Not only is it fun but I can commit whatever time I can and not feel pressured to do more!


Are you looking to be more involved in our school?

A great way to be involved throughout the year is to become a PTA Board Member! The Nominating Season for 2020-2021 PTA Board has begun and we would love to see you as a part of it. Here is a brief description of the positions that we are looking for.

Have questions?

Want to raise your hand or nominate someone else? CLICK HERE

President: Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively, presides at PTA board and association meetings and with approval of the executive committee, makes one-year appointments to positions and committees as specified in the standing rules.

Vice President: Works as the primary aide to the president, helps lead a PTA towards specific goals consistent with PTA purposes and policies, performs the president’s duties in his or her absence, carries out other duties outlined in unit bylaws and standing rules or as assigned.

Secretary: Takes minutes at board and association meetings, co-signs formal papers with the president's authorizations, handles PTA correspondence as directed by the president, maintains and preserves PTA records and important documents to pass on at the end of the term.

Treasurer: Maintains records to track unit funds and financial transactions, presents a written financial report every month and at other times as requested by the president, pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association, prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report.

VP of Membership: Plans and execute membership campaigns to inform and invite the school community to join the PTA, plans and execute efforts to “brand” PTA activities and events, arrange and advertise any membership benefits.

VP of Communications: Plans and execute communications campaigns, works with the board to promote events and makes work of PTA work visible to the community through different channels of communication like social media, monthly e blast, directory, etc.

You can raise your hand or nominate a member of our community, also each of the positions can be shared by two persons so it a great way to work collaboratively. We would love to see on the Board next year.


Do you have questions or suggestions for the PTA?