We Need YOU!

Why volunteer? YOUR support is essential to our success! The PTA relies entirely on volunteers.

In a continuing effort to enhance our children’s learning experience, the PTA is looking for volunteers who are willing to share their time and experience. It’s important. It’s needed and it’s fun!

Together we make a difference!

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Step 1: Get District Approval

Washington State Law requires that all volunteers who will have access to children, complete a background check.

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SPECIAL Thank you to ALL our MATH Adventure Volunteers!

EVEN MORE #volunteerlove SHOUT OUTS to:

Deya Justice, Sonya Beattie, Dan Duckert, Rubini Dhanasekaran, Neethu, Nadia Tinoco, Ayoung Kim, Poonam Modi, Samhitha , Elena K., Sukanya, Andia Nowtash, Ozge, Amitis Nowtash, Bilyana, Nadine, Chunyan, Alena, Julisa Lek and Sam Fetchero! YOU GUYS had our children laughing and giggling with all the scripts/skits AND as they were coming out of each of the Math stations!
Ayoung, Alena and Ozge for the amazing efforts around organizing and printing and stapling all of our Math Adventure Puzzles!
Special Thanks to Kaori Slaczka for capturing some amazing memories which will be included in our Yearbook!
To all our Math Mentors AND Team Parent Coaches: We greatly appreciate your time and efforts in ensuring our children had an amazing Math Adventure experience this past Friday!
To all who volunteered helping at our Math Adventure Event on October 25th---Thank You for ensuring our children were squealing with delight as they solved and worked out Math puzzles together. We hope this sets the precedence for future Math Adventures at Wilburton Elementary!!

Sanaz & Mary

Thank you School Picture Day Volunteers!

#Wearefamily #volunteerlove SHOUT OUTS to:

Ejung Kwon, Eriko De Gracias, Yuka Lovell-Smith, Yuko Sakatoku, Ozge Kabakci, Aurora Chifu, Alena Iskanderova, Ayoung Kim, Asako Ishizaki, Larysa Boichenko, Dawn Liu, Elena Graushkina, and Najiba Ibrahimova
who volunteered helping LifeTouch during School Picture Days this past week, September 23 & 24! Thank You to you all for ensuring our children were safely taken/escorted to photo stations.

Thank you Vision / Hearing Volunteers!

Thank you to Dawn, Julisa, Ayoung, Seonghui, Jinny, Elena, Kyuri and Eriko, who volunteered helping our School Nurse, Rhiza Jackson, this past Friday, September 20th, with our school's Annual Vision and Hearing Tests! It’s wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our events possible.

Thank you Hearing re-screens Volunteers!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi
Thank you to Kyuri Yoon, Julisa Lek and Dawn Liu,
who volunteered helping on October 31st for hearing re-screens. We are grateful for your continued time and committment to all of our Wilburton Wolves.

Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you to all who volunteered at the Back to School event August 29th! It’s wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our events possible.

We were able to add 42 families to the PTA which brings us to over 100 members!

Thank you so much for volunteering your time before, during and after the event.