"I started volunteering because my son entered Wilburton mid year and I was concerned about him making friends as a new student. The group of volunteers and kids I met last year still help out and even get together for outside of school ativities. Volunteering was the best decision I made." -Tawny
"I have volunteered for a few events eg, Math Adventure, Gifts and Craft Fair what I truly love about the experience is bringing our community together. I don't think I can overstate how rewarding it is to not only see smiles on the faces of children being involved in an activity or contributing to help raise funds for our school, but also how they feel empowered they feel and engaged they are in their community. " - Sonya

Wilburton PTA Board 2019 - 2020 would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following Volunteers, who have stepped up and helped various areas of need in our PTA.

Our Amazing Yearbook Staff for your yearlong dedication to capturing memories this year: Dawn Liu, Ozge Kabakci, Sam Totlukere, Anjali Ravidas, Julisa Lek, Kaori Slaczka, Kyuri Yoon and Sonya Beattie!

Ayoung, Jinmi, Jiny: Thank you for making up our Share your Culture committee this year. You help to create a beautiful Korean Bulletin Board in sharing Korean culture with our school.

Hannah Han, Thank you for being our Library Volunteer for all of Fall 2019 and into the first of the year. Marina P, Thank you for stepping up to take over Libary Volunteer in the Spring 2020. We are appreciative of your time!

Poonam Modi, Thank you for your dedication and working with Meghan to ensure we have the most up to date School Directory every month!

Sukanya Goswami, Thank you for your persistence with ensuring we captured the PTA information that you would organize for our Teacher Communications. We welcome Kanupriya Agrawal for stepping into the role for the remainder of this year. We are delighted to have you on the team.

Michelle Obermeyer, Dawn Liu, Ozge Kabakci, Anjali Ravidas: Thank you Ladies for your hours of time and commitment this month in ensuring we are meeting our upcoming deadline for submitting Washington State Award recognitions based on this year's efforts across our Organization.

We welcome Mary Evans as our newest PTA Bulletin Board Chair. We are so excited to have you help us spruce up our PTA presence within our school's bulletin boards.

Jerome Ibanes, Thank you for stepping into the role of our dedicated GSuites Administrator. You are helping us tremendously as we continue our efforts towards setting a foundation for our domain and productivity tools. We appreciate You!

Amy Ulrich, Thank you for your Mentorship and keeping our school up to date on Advocacy from both statewide and nationwide. Time and again, you continued to provide plethora of advice as well as your friendship was appreciated having had your former PTA Presidency experience to draw from not to mention advocating for better lunchtime standards for our children here in Bellevue. Read More about that here.

SPECIAL Thank you to ALL our MATH Adventure Volunteers!

EVEN MORE #volunteerlove SHOUT OUTS to:

Deya Justice, Sonya Beattie, Dan Duckert, Rubini Dhanasekaran, Neethu, Nadia Tinoco, Ayoung Kim, Poonam Modi, Samhitha , Elena K., Sukanya, Andia Nowtash, Ozge, Amitis Nowtash, Bilyana, Nadine, Chunyan, Alena, Julisa Lek and Sam Fetchero! YOU GUYS had our children laughing and giggling with all the scripts/skits AND as they were coming out of each of the Math stations!

Ayoung, Alena and Ozge for the amazing efforts around organizing and printing and stapling all of our Math Adventure Puzzles!

Special Thanks to Kaori Slaczka for capturing some amazing memories which will be included in our Yearbook!

To all our Math Mentors AND Team Parent Coaches: We greatly appreciate your time and efforts in ensuring our children had an amazing Math Adventure experience this past Friday!

To all who volunteered helping at our Math Adventure Event on October 25th---Thank You for ensuring our children were squealing with delight as they solved and worked out Math puzzles together. We hope this sets the precedence for future Math Adventures at Wilburton Elementary!!

Sanaz & Mary

Thank you Teacher Appreciation Week!

“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time” — Unknown

Our deepest gratitude to Lauren for organizing handmade cards/gifts that were mailed out to our Teachers/Staff this past Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to Tawny who also spent her time ensuring each of our Teachers/Staff received the generous donated funds for Door Dash Gift cards that were emailed to our beloved Teachers! And to all WES Students and Families for taking the time to reach out to your Teachers and show some #wilburtonlove #wearefamily Thank you! Gracias! Xie xie! Mahalo! Arigato! Merci! Dank u! Kamsahamnida! Salamat! Kap Kuhn! Grazie! Obrigado! Terima kasih! Spasiba! Efharisto! Naṉṟi! Dhan'yavādālu Teşekkür ederim! متشکرم!Dhanyavaad!

Thank you Gift and Craft Fair Volunteers!

“As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn

Thank you to Tawny, for Chairing this event! Thanks to Dawn, Sonya, Deya, Sam, Sneha, Keiko, Marina for setup and running different stations. Thank you to the MANY of you who donated baked goods for the Bake Sale. Thank you to Monique who donated her time and face painting talents! The kids were looking extra festive! Thank you Kaori, our event photographer! Our first Gift and Craft event took place on Saturday, November 23rd from 8 - 5 PM. To all our amazing volunteers, Thank you for helping to setup, take down, planning and promotion of this event.

Thank you Scholastic Book Fair Volunteers!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” — Aesop

Thank you to Alena, Ayoung, Ozge, and many more who volunteered helping our School Librarians, this past Tuesday - Thursday, November 19th - 21st, with our school's annual Book Fair! To all the setup, and tear down and manning cash registers, we appreciate all your help in ensuring a smooth & Fun Book Fair for our children.

Thank you School Picture Day Volunteers!

#Wearefamily #volunteerlove SHOUT OUTS to:

Ejung Kwon, Eriko De Gracias, Yuka Lovell-Smith, Yuko Sakatoku, Ozge Kabakci, Aurora Chifu, Alena Iskanderova, Ayoung Kim, Asako Ishizaki, Larysa Boichenko, Dawn Liu, Elena Graushkina, and Najiba Ibrahimova who volunteered helping LifeTouch during School Picture Days this past week, September 23 & 24! Thank You to you all for ensuring our children were safely taken/escorted to photo stations.

Thank you Vision / Hearing Volunteers!

Thank you to Dawn, Julisa, Ayoung, Seonghui, Jinny, Elena, Kyuri and Eriko, who volunteered helping our School Nurse, Rhiza Jackson, this past Friday, September 20th, with our school's Annual Vision and Hearing Tests! It’s wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our events possible.

Thank you Hearing re-screens Volunteers!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you to Kyuri Yoon, Julisa Lek and Dawn Liu, who volunteered helping on October 31st for hearing re-screens. We are grateful for your continued time and committment to all of our Wilburton Wolves.

Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you to all who volunteered at the Back to School event August 29th! It’s wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our events possible.

We were able to add 42 families to the PTA which brings us to over 100 members!

Thank you so much for volunteering your time before, during and after the event.

Thinking About Volunteering?

Make sure to complete the Bellevue School District online volunteer application.

Volunteer Opportunities

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator

May 4-8th

Teacher appreciation activities can be elaborate or simple gestures throughout the week. What matters isn’t how much you do but how thoughtfully you do it.

Would you love to lead the way for the Wilburton Community?

Email our Program Chair, Lauren appreciation@wilburtonpta.org

PTA Bulletin Board


No art degree necessary! This low commitment volunteer opportunity is an easy and helpful way to volunteer your time! We need helping hands to create visual displays, calendars and other PTA info for our monthly bulletin board.


Email our Bulletin Chair, Mary E. bulletin@wilburtonpta.org

Family Fun Coordinator


It has been expressed that Wilburton families would like more opportunities to connect. This position will facilitate and coordinate playdate, wine night and other community get togethers. It's as simple as identifying a date, location that can accomodate a large group, potentially securing discounts and getting the word out.

Does that sound fun?

Email Volunteer@wilburtonpta.org

EOY Celebration

June 5th

We need many volunteers to help make our 2019-2020 End of the Year Party a success!

Last year we had the Bellevue Fire Department spray the kids down with water. There was also a Cake Walk.

What kind of fun is in store for this year?

Do you love a good party?

Email our EOY Celebrations Chair, Sarah EOY@wilburtonpta.org

We Need YOU!

We’d love to have you be a part of our team! No matter how much (or how little) time you have, we have a spot for you! We rely on volunteers to keep our organization going—but volunteering provides you with unique opportunities too! Here are just some of the benefits you receive when you volunteer:

  1. YOU meet new people and make friends,
  2. YOU improve your communication and interpersonal skills,
  3. YOU gain a clearer understanding of our school structure,
  4. YOU get the opportunity to serve as a role model to your children, AND
  5. YOU get the chance to inspire, educate and motivate future generations!

Studies show that the more parents are involved at their child’s school, the better their child’s achievement. What are you waiting for? Give us five hours of your time-- you’ll be glad you did!

Please Click here to view Volunteer Protocol & Volunteer Guides